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Which Shadow Speaks to You?


Shadows is a seven book series intended to facilitate and encourage trauma informed dialogue. Each book is comprised of 33 pieces, written in the form of poetry, storytelling, and prose. By highlighting the distressing thoughts and feelings experienced by many and expressed by few; this series will provoke self-analysis, while enhancing the ability to decipher how dark thoughts, shadows, speak. The characters inspire therapeutic conversation, challenge stigmas surrounding mental health, and unveil struggles which are far too often faced in silence.

Get to know the shadows Sola, Maim, Rue, Nay, Tizzy, Rein, and Hope. Understanding their voices will help you realize you own. Read, share, and begin to reclaim the power in your thoughts.


Her Name Is Sola

Sola exist in the shadows and lives in isolation. She feels unseen by all, including her fellow shadow people. Her story will resonate with anyone who identifies with her reality. As Sola speaks freely, know that you are not alone. There is a message in the shadows for you.


His Name Is Maim

Maim is the most transparent of the shadows and still the most misunderstood. He lives on the front lines and has an arsenal of weaponry for protection. His strength is also his weakness. His story will provide insight to anyone who's armor has become a burden. See the double edge of his sword and rid yourself of your own.  

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Her Name Is Rue

Rue is the shadow who is seen by many, although she is hidden in plain sight. She is always looking back and causes those who are attentive to her to stumble. Anyone who experiences shadow thoughts which dwell in the past and effect the present, will glean from the words of Rue. The first step towards healing is acceptance. Identify the voice of Rue. Release what was, in order to become what is.

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