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Hope Victoria is an author, artist, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur residing in Brooklyn, NY. Born in Tulsa, OK and raised primarily in Detroit, MI, she has experienced life through multiple lenses. Victoria is the youngest of four, raised by her mother who cultivated an environment that prioritized spiritual development, family connectedness, and passion for the surrounding world. Though times were not always easy, Victoria believes that her mother's unwavering faith and immeasurable boldness has taught her resilience, courage, and the ability to face hardship with determination to overcome. Her spiritual beliefs and upbringing can be heard throughout the melodies and lyrics of her songs, as well as, in her writings and public speaking. Even in her darkest moments, it is Hope Victoria's aim to be a positive light to everyone who crosses her path in whatever capacity her abilities will allow.


As a young child, Victoria was drawn to theatre and felt it would be her outlet. She also enjoyed singing, but was too intimidated by the talent of her mother and siblings to perform publicly. While attending Detroit High School for the Fine and Performing Arts, Victoria saw young African American girls doing ballet and modern dance and was immediately intrigued. Around this time her family was relocating, due to a death in the family, and she began to study dance at the New School for the Arts in Phoenix, AZ. Upon graduation, she received scholarship offers for dance and academics to attend California Institute of the Arts, as well as, the University of Arizona. However, the summer after she graduated high-school, at 18 years old, following the untimely passing of her grandfather, her college plans were halted when she realized she was pregnant. Victoria's mother had relocated to Atlanta, GA and with nowhere to go, she found herself homeless and living out of her car. She reached out to her mother and asked if she could join her in Georgia until her child was born; which she did. Once her daughter was born, she moved into a transitional housing facility for young mothers and their children. Things began to look up when she became a civilian technician with the Army National Guard, in Nashville, TN.


While the arts seemed like a distant memory, Victoria would still journal keeping her poetry and songs private. She had met a gentleman and was considering marriage when she found out she was pregnant with her second child. Mixed emotions caused her to internalize and she went into a state of depression. This caused tension in the relationship and it soon fell apart. Filled with shame, Victoria hid the pain inside and continued to write out her feelings in secret. Having received a promotion on her job, Victoria was asked to relocate to Phoenix, AZ. This move gave her time to gather herself and regain her independence. It wasn't long before she knew it was time to get back to pursuing her passions. After nearly six years of employment with the Army National Guard, she resigned and enrolled in Kansas State University, majoring in Psychology and Dance, with a minor in Leadership studies. Victoria knew she wanted to help people and felt she was finally on the right path.


After a series of unfortunate events, Victoria found herself having to relocate once again, but continued her education at the University of Houston. She was more determined than ever to complete what she intended to start so many years prior. During her senior year, however, she was involved in a relationship that turned violent. In pursuit of a safe space for her family, Victoria moved to Brooklyn, NY, where she resided in a shelter for survivors of domestic violence. During her stay at Urban Resource Institute (URI), Victoria began preparing to perform her music in full transparency for the first time. After receiving encouragement from the URI staff, however, she was introduced to a new form of expression, public speaking. While continuing to perform her “heart songs”, she shared her story and encouraged others through writing for publications, authoring books, and motivational speaking with an emphasis on Trauma Informed Storytelling.


Presently, Hope Victoria is the founder and CEO of The Help Movement LLC, a Texas limited liability company dba 1 Victory. There are three divisions: Design, Publishing, and Speaking. 1 Victory Designs infuses her love of art, spirituality, and motivation utilizing casual and business attire as the medium. 1 Victory Publishing presents some of Victoria's most ambitious and revealing written works. Her writings confront dismal lived human experiences and the journey which ultimately leads to growth. 1 Victory Speaking provides a platform for Hope Victoria to share her life story through poetry, trauma informed storytelling, and motivational speech. Collectively, 1 Victory embodies fearless individuality, as well as, encouragement to connect mind, body, and spirit becoming ones true self; Healing Out Loud trusting, Everything Is For Purpose!


"When the transition is made through hardship to hope, we are able to experience the 1 Victory that truly matters, life." 

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