“It takes a lifetime to become who you are at birth. Even in seed form, the seedling is still a tree. We must weather the storms of life in order to develop to full capacity."

 Hope Victoria | WRITER
Based in Brooklyn, NY
Writer | Artist | Speaker
Motivational Creative
Urban Soul Independent Artist

Dream on, dream free. Soon you'll start to see the hype that hides behind your eyelids. 

Keep on, keep on believeing. Soon you'll start to see that negative perception is an option.

Hope Victoria, artist


Hope Victoria is a singer/songwriter residing in the Brooklyn, NY area. Born in Tulsa, OK and raised primarily in Detroit, MI, she has experienced life through multiple lenses. Victoria is the youngest of four, raised by her mother, who has strong roots in the church, as well as music. Though times were not always easy, Victoria believes that watching her mother's unwavering faith has taught her resilience; learning how to value the things that truly matter in life, such as family. Her spiritual beliefs and upbringing can be heard throughout the melodies and lyrics of her songs. As a result of her firm foundation in faith, Victoria has persevered through many trials. Even in her darkest moments, it is Hope Victoria's aim to be a positive light to everyone who crosses her path.

Hope Victoria
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