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I am not me unless I can write. Take everything you like. Just leave me with a pen and pad and I'll be alright.

Writing truly is my healing. I have always journaled, which led to secretly writing poetry, then songs, and now books. A huge part of my story, as I become me, is trusting that I am capable of all the things which are in my heart to do.


As a teenage parent, survivor of domestic violence and homelessness, and a self-proclaimed "shadow", I pursue my passions unapologetically.


Although by societies standards I should not succeed, I am doing what I feel led to do anyway, while daring to believe; This time will be different! That is success to me.


I am becoming all that is Me and choosing to see the tree inside the seed.


Hope Victoria

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Trauma informed storyteller, encouraging everyone to heal out loud.


Hope Victoria is the author of the book series "Shadows". Having lived life feeling invisible, she speaks for the shadow people. This is her most revealing body of work. 



Topics: Shadows | Trauma Informed Storytelling |  Heal Out Loud | Become You! | Everything Is For Purpose! | And more.


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